How to Stop your Dog Destroying the Grass Toilet

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Look who doesn't love the sound of a puppy party! Until its not a party full of puppies but a puppy throwing a party... with grass confetti... all through your house. It's unfortunate but it can happen, here's some tips to be a party pooper. (Get it pooper)



Paw-ta-Potty is helped immensely by the instinct to pee on grass, but unfortunately puppies especially hunting dogs also have the instinct to dig and chew. So catching them as soon as you put it down is going to help immensely. If they start to dig or chew redirect to a toy or something they're meant to be playing with.  This should calm down once your bestie figures out its for toilet use, cause who wants to eat where they go to the toilet. 


Calm downward dog

If your dog is super excited with the zoomies, it's probably not the best time to introduce them or take them to the Paw-ta-Potty. When they're first learning the Paw-ta-Potty try taking them when they're calm and when their usually ready to go loo. 


Intervention Number 1

If your bestie is determined to party hardy then we offer a puppy guard. This is a metal mesh that goes over the top of your Paw-ta-Potty to be like the popo and shut the party down by locking it behind bars. It is a one off purchase that just gets transferred to the new grass patch. 

Check it out Here


Intervention Number 2

So you got yourself a clever puppy who can't chew the grass through the grate so either lifted it out or is now chewing the box at the bottom instead. lucky we love them hey.  We had this feedback from one of our amazing customers and ran some designs past them till we came to the Hugo box. It is designed to snuggly slip over the wax box so that the guard can't come out and the box is protected.  Check it out Here


As always if you have any questions or would like any more tips let us know

and we will be happy to help!