About Us
We are a husband and wife team working with Golden Finch turf to supply you an Australian made and owned product for your furry friends. We operate out of the Lockyer Valley servicing the south east corner to provide you the freshest possible product with the longest possible life. We believe our advantage to you is our farmers cut in the super early hours and we deliver that day. Unlike some of our competitors there is no long storage time and transport time is kept to a minimum to provide you maximum life.
About Why
We grew up with furry family members and we couldn't live without them and we wouldn't want you to either. There's nothing quite like coming home from a long day at work to someone who is actually happy to see you! We believe everyone deserves unconditional love no matter if your in an apartment, townhouse or the suburbs. Our product will help you enjoy it no matter where you go. We are also much, much better for the environment than puppy pads with our products being locally sourced and 100% compostable.
About It
Paw-Ta-Potty units (Regular - 60 x 40cm, Large - 80cm x 60cm) arrive at your door on a subscription plan of your choosing for a flat rate per unit, when the new unit arrives simply put it on the floor where you want your pet to toilet & the old unit straight into the bin. The grass can go into general or green waste and the carton into the recycling, simple as that! Most pets don't need training, they instinctively want to use it. 
The grass will absorb the urine through the root systems as if it were water, you still need to collect the poo (bugger I know!). 
PTP can also be used for toilet training young pets & encouraging them to use grass instead of your floor, which can be great if you need to leave them at home for the day but don't want to lock them outside just yet. You're not locked into any subscription and can even just buy one-off's to try out.
PTP units last on average 2-3 weeks before they die off, being a piece of live turfgrass it can vary slightly depending on what environment it's in & will actually grow slightly. It can be kept fresh for longer with the occasional water spray.
The grass used in PTP units is a premium, super strong grass variety that's nice and green all year round, very soft and dense, and naturally low allergen.
More questions? Check out our FAQ page!