Wooden box with puppy guard to slip on top of our fresh grass patch to stop your puppy chewing the box and taring the grass. Stop digging. Stop tearing. Fake grass alternative, puppy pad alternative
Jarra, marine ply sustainably sourced, renewable, reusable and recyclable materials.
Tasmanian oak, marine ply sustainably sourced, renewable, reusable and recyclable materials.
Oak wooden box that covers the real grass patch with puppy guard to prevent chewing and digging in the fresh  grass. Puppy pad alternatives, Grass toilets

The Hugo Box - Puppy Protection Plus

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Once upon a time there was a Adorable pup named Hugo. Hugo lived in a high tower with a family who loved him very much and gave Hugo a paw ta potty so he had his own private throne. Hugo was so excited by his throne that he decided to throw a party with confetti grass. Unfortunately Hugo's family didn't like this. So they bought Hugo a puppy protector to stop the confetti. But Hugo decided that it would to become part of the party and bring it to his family to show them how good it looked. His family was sad... They loved Hugo's throne but not the party's. But then the folks at paw-ta-potty made him a box to hold in the puppy protector and show off what a boss Hugo is with his cool stained hardwood protector.

This is the story of how we now have the Hugo box. The Hugo box is made to fit our regular subscription.

The Hugo box comes with a puppy guard grid, the stylish box and a complimentary grass patch to get your number one started on his number twos!


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