Side by side, two grass patches in a wax box that can be placed either side by side to make one large patch or seperate such as upstairs downstairs.  subscription of your choice of time. cancel anytime
Put your side by side together to make a large compostable no cleaning required. Fresh grass delivered to your door.

Side by Side

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Receive two regular (60cm x 40cm) delivered to your door in separate wax boxes.  When the Paw-ta-Potty arrives, simply place it on the floor where you want your pet to go toilet. You can place them side by side or separate dealers choice. Once the grass starts to yellow, it can then be put into general or green waste and the carton into recycling, simple as that! Most pets don't need training, they instinctively want to use it.

The grass will absorb the urine through the root systems as if it were water, you still need to collect the poo (bugger I know!). 


We harvest fresh turf every Monday and Tuesday to get to your fur babies ASAP

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